In an age of drag and drop, stock graphics and template builders is there a need for you to engage a digital marketing agency to deliver your new website?

You may well say that any digital marketing agency is going to have a biased opinion on any matters relating to DIY website development… well here’s a statement to consider;

“Template builders can create great websites!”

What… why would I say such a thing? Because the tools now available from some website builders are amazing.

So does this mean that there is no use for a digital marketing agency offering website design?

Well, you can go out and buy the most expensive power tools to complete work on your house, but does that make you a skilled builder or carpenter? Absolutely not.

Although tools are available to all that will help you produce a website, that certainly does not mean it will be a one that achieves your digital marketing objectives.

The skills a digital marketing agency offer that will help you create a great website include:

  • Developing a brand strategy, helping you to create the right communication style for your company.
  • Custom designs that will visual present your companies services or products correctly, keeping in mind who your target audience is and the communication style defined in your brand strategy. If you are using a template that is popular and easy to access, how will that help you business stand out?
  • Content generation that is well written, photography well selected and graphics custom generated.
  • Technology know how to make sure your website works on every device, in every browser and will be found on Google.
  • Marketing experience to steer you through the right approach in getting a message to the right people then generating leads.
  • Data analysis, allowing you to make data-driven decisions based on the behaviours of your potential clients.

If you have all these skills, firstly WOW! one last question, though… do you have the time?

Your website will often be the central hub of all marketing activity taking place. Can you afford not to have an expert work with you on the development of it?

Don’t waste budget and time. If you are looking to launch an individual, well designed and business driven website, engage a digital marketing agency (preferable Swimming Hippo, of course).

Swimming Hippo offer website design and development as part of a retainer arrangement, making payment of the development easier, spreading the costs as part of the retainer.

If you have a project in mind, or need advice, call 01386 764747 or contact us.

By on July 3rd, 2019

You can go out and buy the most expensive power tools to complete work on your house, but does that make you a skilled builder?

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