In 2016, the UK ecommerce market was worth 133 billion pounds, that’s a colossal figure. IMRG predicted a growth of 11 percent during 2016, the actual figure was 16 percent.

This growth is expected to continue in 2017 by a predicted 14%. Will the market out perform expectations again? This kind of growth opportunity is difficult to ignore.

At Swimming Hippo we have been helping companies to set up ecommerce sites for over 10 years using bespoke software. However over the last few months, we have changed direction and selected Shopify as our preferred platform.

Shopify provides many key features in it’s most basic form such as:

  • Bespoke design templates accepted (key for design freedom)
  • Easy editing facility for products and content
  • Stock management
  • Postage management
  • Seamless cart experience
  • Multiple gateway payment systems
  • 24/7 support
  • Full order management
  • Detailed reporting

In addition, Shopify fully integrates with MailChimp, the email marketing tool Swimming Hippo have been using when creating and broadcast promotional emails for over 2 years.

This means that powerful smart email facilities can be set up to enhance your clients shopping experience. If you have purchased online no doubt you will have experienced some of these enhancements. For example if a purchase is made, an email can be automatically sent a few days later asking the purchaser if they would like to leave a review or quietly nudge a client that has abandoned a product in their cart, maybe emailing them a discount incentive if their purchase is completed.

Combining these platforms will provide you with expanded facilities for you ecommerce site or future site.

Swimming Hippo produced the new Cadventure Vectorworks ecommerce site using Shopify, take a look here at the end result:

‘Swimming Hippo recently delivered the second of Cadventure’s online stores. Our new Vectorworks software store has a complex structure and they worked hard to create an attractive and functional consumer site. We are very pleased with the end result as Swimming Hippo went the extra mile to help us achieve our goals.’

Elaine Lewis, Managing Director

If you are interested in developing a new or existing ecommerce website or reviewing your digital marketing to promote the site, don’t hesitate to call Joseph on 01386 764747 or email

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By on March 20th, 2018

Combining these platforms will provide you with expanded facilities for you ecommerce site or future site.

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