Over the years I’ve been asked numerous times whether anyone actually clicks on Google AdWords, Googles’ sponsored link advertising facility.

Well I usually answer by confirming that this is Googles’ main source of revenue stream, in 2016 89.5 Billion US Dollars were generated through AdWords, so yes people do click on them. (https://www.statista.com/statistics/266249/advertising-revenue-of-google/)

Now, how well they work depends upon techniques used when setting the account up and in management of the account.

One of the key requirements with any set up is to make sure that your Ad Campaign is segmented correctly, so when recently setting up a hotel campaign, we made certain that each ‘Ad Group’ holds within it several adverts relating to that group.

For example, an Ad Group was set up for ‘Weddings’, this group holds adverts based around topics the hotel specialise in; Country Weddings, Historic Wedding Venue, Weddings in the location of the hotel, etc… Doing this provides you with greater control over which adverts will show when selected search terms are used to activate them.

It also allows for greater control over ROI data.

Understanding your ROI (or Return on Investment) is critical to successful management of Google AdWords. If you have to ask yourself whether your current campaign spend is successful, you should maybe ask a few questions about the quality of its management.

Google AdWords has a facility called Conversions. Setting up Conversions will certainly help you achieve clarity on business generated from your campaign. If set up well, this facility can tell you which advert is causing the most conversions or actions on your site. An action can include the viewing of a page or even monitoring of a button click – so the Weddings Ad Group mentioned earlier is linked to two conversions, firstly how many people have viewed the Weddings Page and secondly how many have clicked to download a Weddings Brochure.

Real data tracking, nothing hidden.

These are just two elements of setting up an effective campaign, there are many more.

If you are looking to gain instant traffic to your website and be able to carefully monitor the success of your campaign, why not call Swimming Hippo on 01386 7647417 or email create@swimminghippo.co.uk

We work directly with Google when setting up your campaign.

By on March 20th, 2018

Real data tracking, nothing hidden.

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