Unless you are in the tourism industry, most businesses find July and August to be a little less hectic than other months of the year.

This can result in having a more spare time than usual. So after you return from holiday, clean off the sand from, well everything, what can you do with this time?

How can you use this time more productively?

Certainly, one consideration could be your digital marketing plans for the remainder of the year if you don’t already have a strategy in place.

During the Christmas period, this is exactly what Swimming Hippo did. Again a traditionally slower time of year, we took the opportunity to re-brand, relaunch our website and set out our own marketing plans for the upcoming year.

I have to say the whole process was quite rewarding and now that it has been completed, I am confident when promoting our services brand continuity and professional marketing tools are in place.

So what could you achieve over a 6 week period of time? Here are a few examples:

  • Establish a digital marketing strategy
  • Produce a basic website design, code and launch it
  • Establish an email marketing campaign including data management, personalisation, and automation
  • Set up a paid advertising campaign using google adwords or facebook/ Instagram
  • Complete a search engine optimisation (SEO) research report establishing keywords and competition

The results of any one or all of these marketing methods could help toward generating good quality traffic to your website, which in turn can produce sales leads.

Are you are keen to increase business leads, upgrade the quality of your website or maybe introduce a new product or service later this year?

If you want to plan a relaxing holiday, we can’t help (although we will definitely be taking one ourselves)… but if you want to combine that holiday with effective use of your time, to start with fill out our online enquiry tool to guide you through the process of writing a brief for your next project that could be launched as soon as September.

We are currently offering a free 30-minute consultation which will be scheduled on receipt of any enquiries.

By on July 9th, 2018

Now the process has been completed, I have great confidence when promoting our services

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