Template, or self-build websites, are regularly seen as part of our daily TV advertising consumption. TV advertising, that costs big bucks so these sites must be worth a look… right?

Sure, self-build websites offer certain advantages, mainly focussed on cost and speed. But should your online business presence be based around something that is cheap and easy? Are these qualities that you want your company to be associated with?

So if you engage with a digital agency to produce bespoke designs for your company website what are you going to get in comparison with a self-build project?

Any agency worth its salt will initially meet with you to discuss a number of key factors that will ultimately determine whether a project is successful or not.

Some questions you should be asked, following an initial conversation about your company and before a designer gets creative:

  • What are the short and long-term objectives for this project?
  • Who are your key competitors?
  • Who is your target audience or ideal client?
  • Do you have a brand guide or are you open to new ideas?
  • What brand values does your company hold as important?
  • How will you determine the success of this website launch?

By considering these basic background checks, a designer can research ideas from your competitors, you know the ones who you will be up against when a potential client ‘Googles’ search terms you want your website listing to appear under.

They can also keep in mind a style that works for the target audience you aim to communicate to and a design that correlates with your company brand values.

Additionally, a digital agency will offer you advice on photography, copywriting, search engine optimisation, email marketing, etc, etc… you don’t need to take up all or any of these services immediately but a designer will keep them in mind during the creative process.

Yes, bespoke design costs more, but you gain so much more and you have to ask yourself, “can I afford not to present my business in the best possible way?”

A website will no doubt be the first place people interact with your company, make sure that the first impression is a good one, the best one. A bespoke design will achieve this initial impact for you.

If you have a website design project in mind, why not visit www.swimminghippo.co.uk/contact click the enquiry icon and complete our easy to use form.

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By on August 15th, 2018

...ask yourself, "can I afford not to present my business in the best possible way?"

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